Home, School and Club Badges

There are many, many badges to be awarded through Scouting, some are completed out with the weekly Cubs session and can be done through school, home life or the weekly clubs so many children attend.

There are many of them, so do have a look at the Scout Association website to find out what needs to be done for them and see which ones your Cub has already completed – click here.  Simply print off the requirements page and have their teacher, coach, etc sign it off and bring it in.  If you are able to show photographs to evidence the tasks, then that will do nicely!

Below are just some of the badges we commonly see completed out with the weekly sessions – but there are loads more which may already have been completed!  Make sure you look at the Challenge Awards at the bottom as we’d love it if your Cub could complete the Chief Scout’s Silver Award before heading off to Scouts, but we’ll need your help with this.

Activity Badges

Animal Carer Activity badge 
Cyclist Activity Badge – Bikeability Level 2, you automatically get this badge.
Chef Activity Badge 
Environmental Conservation Activity badge
Equestrian Activity badge
Home Help Activity badge
Martial Arts Activity badge
Photographer Activity badge
Physical Recreation Activity badge
Skater Activity badge

Staged Activity Badges

Digital Citizen
Hikes Away
Paddle Sports
Snow Sports
Time on the Water

Chief Scout’s Silver Award

How to earn your award

  1. Earn six activity or staged activity badges of your choice. They could  be badges you gain outside of your normal meetings or ones you’ve worked towards at meetings.
  2. Finish the seven challenge awards. They are:
    Our World Challenge Award
    Our Skills Challenge Award
    Our Outdoors Challenge Award
    Our Adventure Challenge Award
    Teamwork Challenge Award
    Team Leader Challenge Award
    Personal Challenge Award.

Top tips

If you haven’t finished the steps for the Chief Scout’s Silver Award when you’re ready to move on to Scouts, you can finish them during your first term in the Scout Troop.

When you become a Scout, you can wear your Chief Scout’s Silver Award on your uniform until you earn your Chief Scout’s Gold Award.